Why and how resizing my photographs?

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Why is it better to reduce the size of my photographs?
Before adding photographs of your baby on Internet, check that the size of each photograph does not exceed 200Ko.
Up to 200 KB per photograph, we strongly advise you to reduce the size of yours photographs before putting them online or sending them to us.

This operation has two advantages:

1 The downloading process to Internet will go faster
2 The quality of your photographs will be preserved, and photographs will display quickly on screens!

How to resize my photographs?

It's not difficult!
Download and install on your computer the EasyThumbnails software at the following address: Click here to download Easythumbnails for free
Thanks to EasyThumbnails, you can quickly and very simply convert your photographs in a format perfectly adapted to Internet.
EasyThumbnails resize your photographs, and makes it possible to process all the content of a repertory in only one shot.
Follow the instructions below to use EasyThumbnails.

EasyThumbnails instructions

Step 1 : Before using EasyThumbnails, don't forget to backup your original photographs in a backup repertory because Easythumbnail will replace your reportory by another with thumbnails. Step 2 : Let's start Easythumbnail. Click on the "Settings" ident, then do as follow :

1 Click on the field "Max. width" and put the value "1024".
2 Click on the field "Max. height" and put the value "800".
3 Click on the drop-down menu entitled "Algorithm" and select the value "Lanczos3".
4 Click on the field "Prefix/suffix" and remove the value. This field must be empty.
5 Click on the field of form located on the right of heading "JPEG Quality" and seize with the keyboard the value "65".
These settings are advised but you can change them if you want.
Step 3
Click on the "Files" ident and select in the "look in" window the file containing the photographs you want to resize.

Step 4

Click on the "Make All" Button. An alert message appears :

If you have followed our instructions, your did a copy of your photographs in another repertory. That's why the original photographs should have been backuped in another file.
Il you forget to do the basckup, click "No"
If you did it, click "Yes".
Now, EasyThumbails is resizing your photos. This operation lasts a few minutes.
Then, it's OK, your photographs are ready to be downloaded to the Web. Don't hesitate to sent us your best photographs and we will post them on this website for free!

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